Yes, my life is extraordinarily harrrd,

but so WHAT?  I am not MY problem, but Jesus’ problem.  I’m not in charge.  He is.  If He is using the harrrd to retrain me in a better way to live — a more-Jesus-wisdom-reliant way, I’m game!  Well, sometimes.

My human-wisdom HATES the harrrd, demands EASY, but my human-wisdom has NEVER delivered happiness to me, nor fruitfulness with seculars — only momentary joy/peace when things go my way.  Horrible to be addicted to things going my way — my human-wisdom’s way.  I need rehab/retraining and that’s why I have extraordinarily harrrd.  Suffering produces perseverance, then character, then hope/faith/Jesus-wisdom-reliance/Jesus-power.  Big price to pay for this overhaul, but a BARGAIN.  Gives me hope for being seed cast on fertile soil, producing a hundredfold.  

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, being retrained by Jesus, frequently being dragged along kicking and screaming

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