Why would anyone want a Jesus

who leads people to external religious observance, but who does not change them on the inside, into being amazingly humble and amazingly loving and amazingly joyful and amazingly peaceful?  Who would be the first to throw a stone at those outside the Church, who laugh at us who claim to follow Jesus, because they see us just as circumstance-dependent for our joy and peace, and just as independent/self-reliant/prideful, as any other human?

–ShepherdDave, needing prayer for fresh conviction of the sin of independence, so he will be momentarily transformed into blissful and beloved DumbSheepDave, doing nothing on his own, evidencing a Shepherd directing his life (please pray now)

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  1. Mary Frances
    Mary Frances says:

    Hello Dave
    Found you again after surfing tonight. Blogging is something quite suited to you. I remember many good email conversations with you when you worked for World Harvest. Hope you are well.
    I will catch up with you later (and pray for you as you suggested) and hope you will pray for me as well.

    ALWAYS needing my Savior,
    Mary Frances


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