Why has the Easter Bunny replaced Jesus?

We believers like to think it’s the world’s fault, not our own fault.  If Jesus were making a wow difference in the lives of us believers, would the Bunny be replacing Jesus in such a widespread way?  Would there be respect for a Jesus-centered holiday, if there was amazing humility and amazing love in believers, evidencing an amazing Jesus?  So do we pray for the world to change, or do we pray for us believers be changed?  A widespread awakening?

–ShepherdDave, just as competitive, intense, confident and ambitious as any pre-believer, needing prayer for fresh conviction of the sin of independence, so he’s momentarily transformed into DumbSheepDave, enjoying his ShepherdJesus, amazingly humble and loving like his ShepherdJesus, effortlessly enjoying himself and others, even his enemies and others who are impossible to love (please pray now)

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