Why can the Church not see

that WE are the Israelites?  We Christians worship the idol of independence/confidence-we-know-what’s-best, leaning on our own understanding, wise in our own eyes, not ASKing about everything, not THANKing about everything — especially the harrrd, not curious/expectant to see what Jesus does NEXT, in us, others, circumstances.   In awe of human accomplishment/somebodiness.  We work hard at having the outsides of our cups clean, but live in denial of what’s going on inside, because we treasure our own worthiness more than the imputed worthiness of Jesus.  Living without Gospel-awareness, or if we have that, without self-awareness, and sovereignty-awareness.  When we live independently as we do, we experience life under The Curse — circumstance-dependent for our joy and peace.  We claim to be followers of Jesus, but we are followers of ourselves — self-reliant, trusting in lies.  We have Heaven, but we don’t have the benefit of Jesus in daily living.  And the Jesus in us is contagious to no one.

Richard Lovelace in Dynamics of Spiritual Life says that whenever the Church in the USA and UK over the past 300 years has been as saltless and impotent as It is today, there has ALWAYS been a widespread awakening.  So in my less-sane moments, I’m irritated with the Church, including myself, but in my saner moments, I’m THANKful that the Church is exactly as we are.  Gives me HOPE for a better tomorrow.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, chief idolator, chief Pharisee, chief ranter, chief needer of the Spirit’s fresh conviction of the sin of independence/confidence-he-knows-what’s-best, so he’s freshly enjoying everyone and everything just as it is

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  1. Sharon Regan
    Sharon Regan says:

    This is a word I needed urgently this morning. I am blessed by your post, and thankful for you! I have refreshed my curiosity and expectancy about what Jesus will do NEXT in my life.

  2. Deborah Ford
    Deborah Ford says:

    Ty Dave for reminding me once again. It is not my plan. Not my story. Still struggle to believe my righteous is not the beauty I long for but Christ. Struggle thinking got has got me.and he can handle me. My mental well being has taken me deeper that I can handle, understand Surrenderingg this and seeing how god has used it for good seems to conflict in my heart. I am blown away at surprises of God

    • WeakDave
      WeakDave says:

      Why He chooses some for unusual suffering/overhaul is beyond my pay grade, Deb. The suffering/overhaul is not bad, because it comes from the hand of a Loving Heavenly Father, but it sure is painful. 🙂


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