Who is the greatest Christian alive today?

Surprise.  Jesus said, the childlike are.  The weak, meek, humble — the Jesus-dependents who embrace and enjoy their weakness, lowliness, are not bothered by the threat of losing somebody status — adultlike/shepherd status, and having it replaced with a lowly, nobody status.  The ones who need to be somebodies, adultlikes, shepherds, worthy, in order to feel good about ourselves, are treasuring the values of the right-side-up kingdom of this world, independent, agendafied, wise in our own eyes, leaning on our own understanding.  The Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus, has different values, operates with a different power.  Not human power.  No wonder we believers are failing to impact the world around us.  We are not salt and light, but just like them.

Childlikeness/dependency is impossible to generate from within, is a fruit of the Spirit’s work in the heart of a believer.  A believer gets zero credit for childlikeness/dependency/faith.

–DumbSheepDave, baby stepping in more-dependent directions because folks have been praying, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making

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