When I’m uncertain about a big decision,

it’s UP TO DAVE to make the right decision.  ShepherdDave, feeling pressure to get it right.  DumbSheepDave on the other hand, feels zero pressure, because he’s curious/expectant to see what his SovereignShepherdJesus does NEXT, in Dave, others, circumstances.  Not DumbSheepDave’s problem.  DumbSheepDave is always eager to be led, always expects to be led, because he’s so experienced in being led.  Ahhh.  Life is so much easier as DumbSheepDave.  So burdensome as ShepherdDave.  But ShepherdDave HATES being as childlike, dependent, clueless as DumbSheepDave.  Pathetic.

If the decision involves being current on the news, DumbSheepDave reads the news curiously and expectantly, wondering how/when his SovereignShepherdJesus will lead him.  When ShepherdDave reads the news, it just reinforces his independence/confidence-he-knows-what’s-best.  Reading the news is stressful for ShepherdDave, who is opinionated about everything.

—DumbSheepDave, for the moment, because of the Spirit’s fresh conviction of the sin of independence/confidence-Dave-knows-what’s-best

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  1. WeakDave
    WeakDave says:

    “symptomatic of taking myself too seriously” I’m assuming you meant to type. Auto-correct is for the birds, Glenn. For most of my life I couldn’t even look inside to see my anxiety about all sorts of things. I so wanted to believe I was an emotionally-healthy person. I couldn’t bear seeing myself as the emotionally-dysfunctional person I’ve always been. 🙂


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