When I’m reminded that Jesus is in charge,

then I don’t have to be.  Ahhh.  But when I forget His total sovereignty over the details of my day, I feel PRESSURE to try and control my circumstances and my reactions to them.  But then, when I’m reminded of Him and His total sovereign reign over all, I begin to relax and enjoy everyone just as we are, and everything just as it is — curious and expectant to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances.  Clueless-I-know-what’s-best.  Ahhh.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, momentarily experiencing the benefit of Jesus, because of the Spirit’s fresh conviction of his unbelief

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  1. Maureen McDonald
    Maureen McDonald says:

    Thanks Dave…
    You expose your imperfectness to shed light on your convictions. That is encouraging and convicting to many. Love love love your posts!

    • Dave McCarty
      Dave McCarty says:

      Thanks, Maureen, for your encouragement. I love, love, love them too, because the concepts make my daily life sooo much easier. Even when I feel lousy. I still feel lousy, but I see His purpose in retraining me in a better way of living. Jesus, You are AWEsome, for opening my eyes to better see how my flesh undermines my happiness. 🙂


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