When I’m freshly bummed

by my idolatry/sin, that’s pride, not humility.  Sin is to be CONFESSed, and if I’m bummed after CONFESSing, there is yet-more to CONFESS that I have not-yet seen.  When I wish I were different, better, that’s pride, not humility.  Jesus is only ENOUGH for me, when I’m content with everything in my life just as it is, and others just as they are.  Curious/expectant to see how He might make a difference in my life, or others’ lives, but not bummed by what is.  THANKful for what is, not bummed, frustrated, fearful.  Bummed, frustrated, fearful evidence pride, not humility.  Only the independent/confident-we-know-what’s-best, can be bummed, are unsatisfied with Jesus, His imputed worthiness, His genius plan for all of us, and know what’s thankable and what’s not.

—CuriousExpectantDave, for the moment, because of the convicting work of the Spirit

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