When I recognize excellence in others,

I feel worthy.  I love feeling worthy.  I identify with excellence, worthiness.  I love being a film critic.  Music critic.  Art critic.  Advertising critic.  Design critic.  Preaching critic.  Sports critic.  I love being a critic of everything and everyone.  I love the feeling of superiority associated with being a judge of excellence.  Pride.  ShepherdDave.  Not DumbSheepDave, who humbly enjoys everything just as it is, and everyone just as we are.

—ShepherdDave, hopelessly addicted to worthIERness, except when freshly convicted of confidence-he-knows-what’s-best/being-wise-in-his-own eyes/leaning-on-his-own-understanding, so he might momentarily be DumbSheepDave, enjoying the bliss of Jesus-dependency/Jesus-contentment/Jesus-humility, so the nonbelievers around him might experience the other-worldly love of Jesus

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    • WeakDave
      WeakDave says:

      I’m the happiest when I’m DumbSheepDave, Toby. My problem is, I can’t manufacture it. Only the Spirit convicts me of the sin that keeps me from enjoying life as DumbSheepDave. 🙂


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