Wait, Jesus just showed me

that the biggest reason I’m not in awe of Him, is that I desperately wannabe in awe of me.  Turns out I’m not in awe of human excellence in others, but jealous/envious of their excellence.  I’m way-more  competitive than I ever realized.  Eeeuuww, I’m even worse than I thought.  Heavy yoke, being more self-aware.

But.  The benefit of Jesus is also way-greater than I thought.  If I’m only a small sinner, I only need a small Savior.  His feathery-light yoke is wunnnerful, but impossible to wear, unless the Spirit freshly convicts of the sin of independence/pride/worldliness, so I am enabled to freshly die to my own worthiness.  From ShepherdDave to DumbSheepDave.  Self-awe to Jesus-awe.  Ahhh.

–DumbSheepDave, freshly humbled, freshly in awe of his humongous Shepherd, for a bit, wondering if the pre-believers around him are noticing any difference

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