The right-side-up kingdom of this world,

and my flesh, and the devil, treasure the winner/strong/confident/proud/somebody/adultlike/shepherd, but the Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus treasures the loser/weak/meek/humble/nobody/childlike/sheep.

Shepherds are not promised carefree peace and happiness, but sheep are.  Shepherds live with tension, stress, misery.  The fruit of worldiness.

For the Church to be the Church, for us to have favor with the watching, skeptical world, we believers need a widespread awakening, overhaul, transformation.  We need a different leadership paradigm, to replace the strong-leading-the-weaker paradigm we currently have.  Worldly, human power replaced by supernatural power.  Impossible without the Spirit of ShepherdJesus.

–DumbSheepDave, embracing his dumb sheepness more and more, because folks have been praying, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making in 2013

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