The nicest thing Jesus ever does for me

is to EXPOSE my unbelief to me, especially my unbelief in His sovereign reign over every detail of every life.  EXPOSE my INdependency to me — my feeling ALONE, UP TO DAVE.  Ahhhh, so relieving to CONFESS my unbelief.  The pressure I was feeling EVAPORATES.  Jack Miller once told his wife Rose Marie that the starting place for faith, is conviction of sin.  Such a helpful concept to me ever since I heard that, many years ago.  So when I feel stuck, distant from Jesus, it’s so helpful to ask for the Spirit afresh, sometimes claiming the promise in Luke 11, that if we ask for the Spirit, He will give us the Spirit.  I’ve found it helpful to surrender the timetable, when the prayer is answered.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, thankful afresh for the convicting work of Jesus’ Spirit, wondering if the seculars around him are noticing the difference at times

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    • WeakDave
      WeakDave says:

      THANKS,TJ, I really enjoyed that. Every believer needs a foundation of grace in our lives: unquestioned conviction of the unconditional love of God for this kid of His. MY problem, after years of soaking in the Gospel for daily Christian living, is that I came to realize I no longer doubted His love for me anymore, but I became aware of MY not extending grace to myself, in the same way God does. Pride, not humility. So for ME, I needed desperately to believe deeply about His unconditional love for me, but it wasn’t enough: I needed the necessary self-awareness to SEE how unsatisfying His love was/is to me, except when freshly convicted of my sin of dissatisfaction with Jesus and His imputed worthiness to me. 🙂


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