S’wunnerful to not feel alone.

ShepherdDave always feels alone.  Up to ME to solve the problems of the day, deal with the challenges facing me.  MY responsibility.  MY performance is always under scrutiny by ME.  I’ve lived this way all my life.  Without realizing it’s a horrible way to live.

DumbSheepDave never feels alone.  Sees his ShepherdJesus behind everything and everyone.  Has no problems.  Only has one job.  To be curious and expectant to see what ShepherdJesus does NEXT, in Dave, others, circumstances.  Okay, there’s a second job.  To ASK and THANK about everything.  All problems/challenges belong to ShepherdJesus.  DumbSheepDave has fun, fun, fun.

–ShepherdDave, always needing fresh conviction of the sin of independence/pride/worldliness, so he’s momentarily DumbSheepDave, experiencing the bliss of Jesus-dependency/humility, unconditionally loving others, self, Jesus, and His genius plan for all our lives, so the pre-believers around him might actually want what he has

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