So WHAT that I failed?

So WHAT that I’m disappointed with myself?  “So WHAT?” is a rebuke to my human-wisdom-reliance — to my pride.  A humble believer is unbothered by failure, humiliation, disappointing circumstances, because a humble believer doesn’t know-what’s-best and trusts that Jesus DOES, and that Jesus is in charge.  To be bummed by my failure or by my sin, is sinful pride, not humility.  A humble believer is not bummed by sin, but CONFESSes it.  A humble believer feels completely forgiven, content, whole, because of the imputed worthiness of Jesus, needing none of his own.  Only the proud are intensely failure-resistant, suffering-resistant, humiliation-resistant.  Fruit of human-wisdom-reliance.  Humble believers just have fun.

So whadda I do when I freshly realize I’m not a humble believer?  CONFESS.  Ahhhh.

And so WHAT that I succeeded, accomplished, performed well?  So WHAT?  Human-accomplishment is worthless, except to humans unsatisfied with Jesus and His imputed worthiness, which includes most all Christians.  Success is EVERYthing to human-wisdom, and failure is anathema.  Our human-wisdom NEEDS rebuking, over and over.  

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, not a great practicer of what he preaches, except when freshly convicted of his pride — his human-wisdom-reliance

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