So WHAT, if the Eagles

and the Sooners have great football teams this year?  So WHAT that Washington DC is so dysfunctional?  So WHAT that the world is so dysfunctional?  So WHAT that humans accomplished so many impressive things in 2017?  So WHAT?  So WHAT brings sanity, peace, to my soul, as I’m reminded of what’s what, and what’s not — that Jesus is what, and everything else is not.  Ahhh.

I love saying, “So WHAT?” to the television, to my computer monitor, to the impressive things I see humans doing, to anything impressive that ME does, or to any of my failures, to the things that go my way, or not, as I’m driving, or doing anything.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, easily wowed by what’s not, even at Christmas


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