ShepherdDave is only thankful

for the easy.  If that.  Because he’s wise in his own eyes, leans on his own understanding, about what’s thankable and what’s not, what’s best for himself and others.

DumbSheepDave however, is thankful for the harrrd, unsure about being thankful for the easy, because he’s unsure what’s best for himself or others, but he knows that harrrd comes from the hand of a loving ShepherdJesus to retrain him in a better way to live going forward, and that his ShepherdJesus is both loving and sovereign and has scripted a genius plan, genius story, for all of us humans about reality in the Universe.

–DumbSheepDave, loving the bliss of dependency, whenever the Shepherd’s Spirit freshly convicts him of the sin of independence/pride/worldliness, wondering if the pre-believers around him have been noticing any difference in him in 2014

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