Only the proud are risk-averse,

but the humble are willing to risk humiliation, for the humble have nothing to lose, not caring one iota about their own worthiness, performance, reputation.  Only the proud are fearful of failure and the accompanying awful pain of self-hate.  The humble never hate themselves, no matter how bad their humiliation.  Only the proud struggle with self-contempt.  The humble are dead to self, dead to the fear of failure, humiliation.  The humble are willing to risk, able to live and love with reckless abandon.  They are amazing.  They wow.

How does a proud believer become a humble believer?  Impossible.  Only the Spirit of Jesus can freshly convict a proud believer of his pride, delivering him from the prison of reputation-preservation, pain-avoidance, risk-avoidance, into a different kind of experience — the experience of LIFE.  Jesus-dependency.

–DumbSheepDave, baby steppin in a more-dependent direction, sometimes, because folks have been praying, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making

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