None of my business

what others think of me.”  What a great truth this is, that someone shared with PeoplePleaserDave a few years ago.  But yesterday I realized, there’s MORE.  None of my business what DAVE thinks of me.  None of my business what DAVE  thinks of my circumstances, my health, my savings, my ministry, my performance, my decisions, my happiness.  But there’s MORE.  None of my business what Dave thinks of OTHERS, and how they are doing compared to me.  Well, if it’s not MY business, then whose business is it?  JESUS’ business.  If He is Lord of my life.  If I’m DumbSheepDave and He’s my SovereignShepherdJesus.  If He’s living His life through me. 

When I get into trouble, emotionally/spiritually, it’s ALWAYS because I’m being wise in my own eyes, leaning on my own understanding, assessing everyone and everything as JudgeDave, ShepherdDave, INdependentDave.  

So BETTER than saying to myself, “MYOB, Dave,” is, “Quit minding your own business and everyone else’s, Dave.”  Prideful to assess others and self.  “Pay attention to the green grass in front of you that your SovereignShepherdJesus has led you to eat.”  And when I forget I’m DumbSheepDave and catch myself acting as ShepherdDave?  CONFESS.  Rather than trying harder to be dependent on Jesus.

None of my business what Jesus is up to, in my life, or others’ lives.  I’ll find out soon enough.  Hard for a dumb sheep to try and be his own shepherd.  DumbSheepDave is never intense, never stressed — never fearful, frustrated, discouraged, or bored.  Dave is never DumbSheepDave, except when freshly convicted of the sin of INdependence.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, utterly unqualified to direct his own life

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