No dependency, no peace.

Independents never experience the peace that surpasses understanding-idolatry.  Independents who claim to follow Jesus are to be pitied above all humans.  They don’t experience the benefit of Jesus.  Only dependents are dead to their flesh, dead to their own worthiness, dead to all the idols/addictions that charm their flesh.  But alive to Jesus.

—DumbSheepDave, enjoying the bliss of the so-what experience, also known as Jesus-dependency/Jesus-contentment/Jesus-humility, for the moment, because of fresh conviction of the sin of independence/confidence-he-knows-what’s-best

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    • WeakDave
      WeakDave says:

      I agree, Glenn. Wish i could claim some credit. I’m being dragged along, kicking and screaming, resistant to this overhaul by Jesus. My flesh loves EASY, not this painful, humiliating sanctification. 🙂


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