Ministry idolatry exposed.

My flesh loves to get LIFE from ministry success, and so Jesus frequently thwarts my plans/efforts so the pain of the failure snaps me back to reality, where freshly convicted of my sin, I also realize that He is lovingly retraining me in a better way to live: dependent on Him, not needing any performance of my own, hardly caring about anything else in my life, but Him.  The Jesus in me is only contagious to others, when I’ve been freshly convicted of my sin, so I’m freshly humble, freshly enjoying Him, others, myself, and my circumstances, just as they are.  Miracle.  Priceless.

–ShepherdDave, always needing thwarting, and convicting, so he’s returned to being DumbSheepDave, without a care in the world, compelling to the pre-believers around him (please pray now)

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