Looking for perfection

in the automotive experience: both in the purchasing and in the owning.  Finding the best used car in my price range — at a bargain price, that can deliver the closest thing to perfection in the driving experience: seating, handling, acceleration, ride, sound isolation, manual transmission, with minimal depreciation on the investment and minimal maintenance/repair expense.  A driver’s car for the frugal perfectionist.

And striving to maintain this automotive-perfection experience, as long as I own the car.  Everything in the car, operating as it should: no noises, wheels perfect, tires perfectly balanced so there’s no vibration in the steering wheel, or in the driver’s seat.  Tires perfectly in alignment so the steering wheel doesn’t pull, so the tires don’t wear unevenly.  Performance tires to avoid hydroplaning in a hard rain, and impressive cornering in dry or wet conditions.  Ahhh.

The only problem, is that Jesus seems intent on thwarting my plans for this idolatrous quest of trying to find LIFE somewhere other than in a relationship with Him.  There’s always some little or big annoyance.  I’m amazed, actually, that the enemy is so adept at snookering me into forgetting humiliatingly-painful lessons I’ve learned in the past, and that I need to relearn all over again.  Conclusion: hope springs eternal, for idolators/addicts.

–CarNutDave, needing prayer for fresh conviction of the sin of independence, so he’s freshly overwhelmed with Jesus, so others are wowed by the difference He makes in his life (please pray now)

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