Is a Philly-upset-win in game 7

in Toronto, the best thing?  For the Sixers team and owners?  For Philly fans?  For Dave?

I dunno.  But the Sixers know, and Philly fans know, and Dave’sFlesh knows.  In professional sports, and in life, winning is everything.  But what’s the BEST thing?  Depends on what Jesus’ genius plan is, for the team, the fans, for Dave.  I know this — no matter how much my flesh wants an upset win, I will be happiest, if I leave the outcome to Jesus, see HIM as Lord of all.  Otherwise, a win — OR A LOSS, will simply strengthen my confidence-I-know-what’s-best, and that does not nurture happiness in Dave, but nurtures circumstance-dependency, INdependency, in Dave.  Dave is happiest when he’s Jesus-dependent, and most miserable when he’s circumstance-dependent.  Will my watching the game Sunday night on TV, strengthen my INdependence, or my DEpendence?  I dunno yet. 🙂

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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