Inviting Jesus into my idolatry areas,

has been a huge blessing, a wunnerful answer to your prayers.  ShepherdDave is so used to confidently/pridefully taking charge of ministry, investments, health management, hobbies, bargains, purchasing decisions, though he is easily irritated with others, himself, circumstances, when things don’t go his way.   But DumbSheepDave doesn’t know what to do with any of it, is easily overwhelmed by it all, so he asks his ShepherdJesus about everything, and thanks Him about everything, and is curious and expectant to see what his ShepherdJesus does next, in him, in others, in his circumstances, and instead of wishing he were different — had no idols, he’s enabled to actually enjoy Jesus, others, himself, his circumstances, and even his areas of idolatry!   Ahhhh.   Life is so much easier as DumbSheepDave.

–DumbSheepDave, so thankful for those who pray, that pre-believers will be wowed by the difference Jesus makes in his life (please pray now)

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