I never thank Jesus for my problems,

challenges, scary opportunities, when I’m confident-I-know-what’s-best/worldly/INdependent/pride-filled, wise in my own eyes, leaning on my own understanding.  If I pray at all, it’s to ask Him to bless my agenda, get me outta this harrrd/suffering/scary.  Pride, not humility, to know what’s thankable and what’s not.  And I’m never happy/content in this confident-I-know-best mode of living.  I feel ALONE.  Pressure.  But I’m typically not very self-aware in this mode, because I’m focused on a goal, so I don’t REALIZE I feel pressure, alone, up to DAVE.

The ONLY time I thank Jesus for the negative/harrrd/suffering in my life, is when I’m clueless-I-know-what’s-best, childlike, dependent on Him to lead me, because I believe He’s totally sovereign over every detail of my life, and knows what’s best for me and those I love, and what’s thankable and what’s not.  So I thank Him for everything just as it is, and everyone just as we are, as per His genius plan.  And that’s only when I’ve been freshly convicted of my sin of INdependence.  I get zero credit for being freshly convicted by Jesus’ Spirit.  It’s called grace.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, championing Gospel-awareness, self-awareness, and sovereignty-awareness, that we believers — especially Dave, might have a contagious Jesus within us, that is compelling to the seculars around us

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