I care about the WRONG things

when I’m human-wisdom-reliant, and it’s like being in prison, being in bondage, being addicted — a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad way to go through my day.  Wrong things like my performance, reputation, worthiness — even things like my emotional health and spiritual health.  When I DON’T care about those lesser things, it’s ALWAYS because the Spirit has freshly opened my eyes to see the stupidity of my human-wisdom-reliance, which has NEVER delivered happiness to me.

Happiness is caring about ONE thing — that my name is written in Heaven, which means I have the imputed worthiness of Jesus, needing NONE of my own, which means HE is Lord of my life, not my human-wisdom, so I’m eager to fix my eyes and thoughts on Him to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances.  Ahhh.  My human-wisdom gets zero credit for any Jesus-dependent happiness I experience.  Work of His Spirit.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, not good at practicing what he preaches, so he keeps preaching to himself

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