How to tell if you really love someone.

You ENJOY them, just as they are. 

How to tell if you really love your SELF?  Without condition?  You ENJOY yourself, just as you are.  And here’s a little secret.  You won’t enjoy others just as THEY are, until Jesus gives you grace to enjoy your SELF, just as you are.  

So whaddayado if you don’t like yourself, just as you are?  CONFESS your pride, your willfulness, your confidence-you-know-what’s-best, your unbelief in Jesus’ sovereign plan for your life that is currently less than your human wisdom would like.  A humble Christian enjoys himself just as he is, and others just as they are. 

And why do you wannabe more humble?  So you can feel good about yourself.  Because Jesus and His imputed worthiness are UNsatisfying to you.  So whaddayado about that?  CONFESS.

CONFESSion in the pathway to sanity, wholeness, happiness.  Trying to be something/someone you are not, is the pathway to misery, dysfunction, unhappiness.  Your struggle to enjoy yourself as a great example of a bad example of a Christian, indicates you’re as proud as DAVE. 

And if CONFESSion doesn’t lead you to momentary sanity, wholeness, happiness, there is yet-more to CONFESS that you haven’t-yet seen.  Ask for the Spirit afresh, to open your eyes to see what’s keeping you from experiencing LIFE, right now, this moment.  And surrender to Jesus the timetable in which your prayer is answered.  

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, promoting Gospel-awareness, self-awareness, and sovereignty-awareness to Christians in hopes that seculars might be drawn to the Jesus in Christians, especially DAVE

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