How is Donald Trump

any different from opinionated liberals and conservatives, who love to dismiss and ridicule the opposition? What we have in the way of a divided nation unable to compromise, is the same kind of self-righteous pride we see in Trump and Clinton. We deserve no better. Many thought we were getting a unifier in President Obama, but we don’t really want a unifier. We want our own way. Compromise, listening to the opposition, respecting the opposition, requires humility. There is no humility in our land.

And none of us question the history of USA warmongering, except the far left and libertarians. The rest of us are comfortable with physically-and-emotionally maimed vets, or vets returning home in body bags. Narcissistic pride, not humility. What’s to become of such a divided nation of self-righteous arrogants, who come together and agree on ONE thing — the USA being the Superpower Of The World, spending money we cannot afford on a vast military operation to prove our superiority, and police the whole world, minding everyone else’s business, while our infrastructure crumbles? Democracy on such a large scale as ours, does not work. Our nation is broken beyond repair. We need to be fifty nations, not fifty states of a narcissistic Empire.

–ShepherdDave, who loves to pontificate as chief of the self-righteous, even though his self-righteousness never produces the happiness for which he yearns

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  1. Larry
    Larry says:

    Whoa, homeboy. You sound worked up. Check out your local Anabaptist. Not left or right and not even in the middle. A citizen of another kingdom. Different set of laws. Different King. Can’t work out the problems with a vote. Love your neighbor. You know all this.

    • WeakDave
      WeakDave says:

      Good words. Yeh, I do get worked up, sometimes, when I see all the vitriol on Facebook, and wanna feel superior to my self-righteous neighbor, rather than love him/her. 🙂

  2. Dorsey
    Dorsey says:

    I do have some thoughts about this article.

    Although I can only speak of the presidents for the past 7 decades, from those I would say, there were bad ones, there were better ones, but only 3 come to my mind as being really good…. not perfect as that is impossible in a sinful world.
    It is hard to find really good ones as most are bought and paid for by lobbyists etc.

    We are all self righteous as you have so aptly shown. We live in a sinful world and this is an on going struggle. However, I don’t think it fair for all who are not left or libertarian to be clumped together. Not everybody is duped.
    There are many who are serious minded and broken hearted over what our country has turned into. The only thing we have in common with the rest of this group is that the government has tied our hands.

    We need to look at a broader picture. These are the candidates that it seems the Lord is putting in front of us. Since we are a sinful people electing a sinful president, we need to see what positives we can find in either of these candidates.

    Donald Trump has shown ego, self righteousness and often speaks first and thinks later but he will not sell his soul for the office. I believe that he truly loves this country and by not being at the mercy of the lobbyist groups is a plus. He also has been extremely successful in business. He knew how to find the best person for each important slot to make that happen and I believe he will do the same if he is president. Another plus.

    Hilary Clinton has been shown to be a compulsive liar, a default killer, and a traitor for compromising our country’s security. I’m still looking for her pluses.

    Your article was truly thought provoking but I have to say, I was seeing more Shepherd Dave than Dumb Sheep Dave this time.
    Just my thoughts….. 🙂

    • WeakDave
      WeakDave says:

      Thank you, Dorsey. You’ll notice that I didn’t sign it DumbSheepDave, but ShepherdDave. DumbSheepDave enjoys everyone and everything just as it is. ShepherdDave gets frustrated with all the vitriol on Facebook. And with all of our foreign wars, and minding other nations’ business. DumbSheepDave enjoys it all, believing his SovereignShepherdJesus is orchestrating everything for His Glory and Grand Plan. I’m way happier when I’m DumbSheepDave, but sadly am powerless to transform myself from ShepherdDave to DumbSheepDave, since I can’t convict myself of my sin. Prayer for that, is always appreciated. 🙂

      • Dorsey
        Dorsey says:

        Oops! I didn’t notice that. So sorry. I hear you though. We all struggle with the same war. I so wish I could be Dumb Sheep Dorsey so many times. I am so looking forward to the time when sin no longer exists. It is truly exhausting. 🙂


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