Financial update on GospelFriendships.

As of 11/12 we are running a $12.5k deficit, on a $57k total budget of $33k salary, plus overhead and ministry expenses, and it’s hard to know how we’ll end the year, but if forced to guess, I’d guess a $5k deficit.  In past December’s a few supporters have given extra, and a few non-supporters have given for the first time, but I never know how He’ll work, and some years we’ve had deficits that I’ve managed by taking a pay cut, though He’s always provided wonderfully for our every need.  And we’re the happiest we’ve ever been.


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        • David Baker
          David Baker says:

          I spent so much time trying to find this important bit of information that I was about to give up. But perhaps it was there all along; should have worked a little harder.

          • WeakDave
            WeakDave says:

            I apologize. I realize I don’t make it easy to contact me, know how to support me, but that’s by design. The contact info is at the bottom of the “GospelFriendships” tab, but not my email address to avoid spammers mining my website looking for email addresses. Maybe I should make my contact info easier to find, but I try to keep this website from being a fundraising thing. Whyzat? Makes me feel superior to others. Well, beyond that, I think there is too much self-serving in ministry websites. 🙂

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