DumbSheepDave is focused on,

worships, his ShepherdJesus and SERVES Him only, but ShepherdDave is focused on, worships, his circumstances, and SERVES his addictions.  What are Dave’s addictions?  Ministry, cars, physical-and-emotional health, sports teams, investments, bargains, appearance, relationships, critic/judge of everyone and everything.  Addicts do not experience happiness/contentment/sanity.  Addicts work hard to appear normal to others and to self, but are way-more dysfunctional than they can bear to see.  Addicts are bigtime self-deceived.  Clueless about what motivates them.  Bottomless pit of drivenness, neediness, dissatisfaction.  Addiction weirds humans and relationships.

—ShepherdDave, who only sees the problem when the Spirit freshly opens ShepherdDave’s eyes to one of his addictions, rooted in his independence/confidence-he-knows-what’s-best, so he’s momentarily humbled into being DumbSheepDave, enjoying everyone and everything just as it is, even ShepherdDave and other evil/wicked humans, and enjoying the bliss of Jesus-dependency/Jesus-contentment/Jesus-humility, so the nonbelievers around him might experience the other-worldly love of Jesus

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