Compassion for those who irritate and disgust me?

Where do I get that?   Why would I even want it?  Because Jesus says to love my enemies — those most different from myself, doing things I would never ever do, because I’m better than they.

So how do I get compassion for them, forgive them, extend grace to them, enjoy them?   I find it really helpful to ask Jesus to show me ways that I’m just like them, probably not on the surface, but deep down on a root level.   And as His Spirit works in me, convicting me of how I’m guilty of the same root motivation as they, I have instant compassion, love, acceptance for them, and I begin to enjoy them, just as they are, not demanding that they change one bit to be loved by me.

–ShepherdDave, who loves feeling superior to others, needing prayer for fresh conviction of the sin of independence/pride, so he is momentarily transformed into being DumbSheepDave, with compassion for all, enjoyment for all, even the worst (please pray now)

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