Can a dumb-sheep-believer plan?

Of course, but much differently than a shepherd-believer.  How so?  Well, a shepherd-believer is confident they know what’s best for self and others, so they analyze, strategize, and then ask Jesus to bless their strategy, and then work intensely, hurriedly, stressfully, to make it happen.  Agendafied.  Don’t get in my way.  Favorite prayer is, “Jesus, please do this/that.”  Bless my agenda.

How does a dumb-sheep-believer plan?  S/he doesn’t know what’s best for self or others, so s/he begins by asking ShepherdJesus if He wants the dumb-sheep-believer to do anything, and if so, how to go about doing it.  And.  The dumb-sheep-believer thanks about everything, just as it is, is not frustrated about anything, is not fearful about anything, and never ever gets discouraged.  The dumb-sheep-believer is in no hurry, has no agenda, unless ShepherdJesus leads, and even then, is curious and expectant to see what ShepherdJesus does next, in the dumb-sheep-believer, others, and circumstances.  The dumb-sheep-believer has no problems, and no jobs to do.  All problems and all jobs are owned by Shepherd-Jesus.  A dumb-sheep-believer just follows.  You can spot a dumb-sheep-believer by their amazing peace, their childlike fun, their holding onto everything very loosely.  And being around them, you feel very loved/cherished/enjoyed, because they don’t have a competitive/agendafied bone in their body.

How can a shepherd-believer become a dumb-sheep-believer?  Impossible.  Only the Spirit of Jesus can make that happen.  And it’s temporary.

–DumbSheepDave, sometimes dependent, when the Shepherd’s Spirit has freshly convicted of the sin of independence, hoping the pre-believers around him have been noticing the difference Jesus has been making over the past year

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