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High-caste Hindus now following Jesus,

and paying a high cost.  Sareeta and Sunitha followed Sai Baba, a person that is worshipped as a god.  One of their sisters had a powerful mystical experience with the Hindu gods.  Her family and community started to look at their sister as a god herself. Sareeta moved to London and everything went wrong.  She […]

Relax and enjoy the ride.

I sit behind the steering wheel, like God Himself, assuming I know the way, know good turns from bad.  Is it any wonder that life is so hard for me?  Boy this driving job seemed like a fairly easy one, but now I’m feeling pressure: like someone completely out of his element.  Sometimes fearful, sometimes […]

In the upside-down Kingdom of Jesus,

shepherds are losers and sheep are winners.   Why?  Because He created us humans to be dependents, not independents.   Pride is only a problem of shepherds.   And self-righteousness.   And feeling superior to others.   And irritation, impatience.   And control-freakness.  And fear.   And discouragement.  Why?   In the right-side-up kingdom of this world, we shepherds think we know what’s […]

Jesus delivers happiness,

but only to clueless sheep.   Jesus has nothing to offer other shepherds/independents, those who are wise in their own eyes, leaning on their own understanding.  In fact, Jesus frequently thwarts the attempts of His sheep who are shepherd-wannabes, trying to make their lives work, trying to find happiness, on their own.  Jesus created us to […]

The quest for independency,

is the curse of the human condition since Adam and Eve.   Humans live in denial of how consumed we are with human accomplishment, somebodiness.  Not just pre-believers, but we believers too.  Materialism is only one facet of the problem.  Believers of modest means are also eaten up with feeling good about self, having some performance […]

Loving pre-believers is fruitful.

Excerpt pasted below, from the prayer letter of a missionary couple I’ve been praying for, who spend lots of time building intimate friendships with pre-believers in an edgy section of London. –WeakDave, trying to encourage believers to spend time with pre-believers To read past email updates from WeakDave, or free subscribe: gospelfriendships.icontact.com or search for GospelFriendships […]

The yoke of a created-dependent sheep,

trying to be an independent/CEO/orphan/shepherd, is extremely heavy, burdensome.  A Curse, weighing down the sheep: we get stressed, exhausted, from having the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Why do we sheep do this?  We believe a lie, that we’ll be happier functioning as shepherds/somebodies, rather than lowly sheep.  Common.  Ordinary.  Nobodies.  Losers, by comparison. […]

He’s weaning me off artificial life,

and wooing me onto LIFE in Jesus.  How?  By lovingly thwarting my attempts at independence.  It’s harrrd when my plans/agenda are thwarted, but it’s good harrrd, needful harrrd, because the biggest deal in town, is being retrained to live and work out of communion with Jesus.  DependentDave.  DumbSheepDave.  Ahhh.  Whatever it takes, Lord.  I want […]