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Pastor recruiting prayer for his own heart.

The paragraph below was written in September by one of the pastors I mentor, doing a great job of recruiting prayer, weekly, from outside his congregation, for revival in his own heart, and in the dwindling, revival-resistant congregation he began pastoring 18 months ago, with little progress to report.  And below that, an October report. […]

I’m not addicted to computer games,

but I am addicted to ministry, relationships, investments, health management, and toys (cars/motorcycles).   A missionary friend wrote in his prayer letter about a new addiction to a computer game.  “I found myself thinking about the game continuously — when I first woke up, in quiet moments throughout my day, and when I went to sleep […]

What wows pre-believers?

Jesus making a wow difference in believers.  What might that look like?   Howbout a contagious thankfulness that makes no sense, given my present circumstances?   So freshly overwhelmed with Jesus and His performance imputed to me, that nothing else in my life hardly matters to me, no matter how harrrd, no matter how much my flesh hates it, […]

Helps me so much,

when I see the wickedness/evil of my independence, because otherwise, I tend to think of myself as not so bad, tend to be more focused on the weaknesses/sins of others, tend not to see my dissatisfaction with Jesus and His performance imputed to me, tend to not feel keenly the need for a SaviorShepherd, tend […]

If I’m not fruitful with pre-believers,

it’s because I’m self-dependent way more than I’m Jesus-dependent.   Prove it, Dave.   Well, Jesus said, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”   Follow Jesus, rather than following self.   Jesus-dependency verses self-dependency, i.e. leaning on my own understanding, being wise in my own eyes — human power verses Jesus-power. Okay, Dave, so I’m […]

Walt Kendall’s memorial live streamed Thurs @ 10:30 EDT

For those of you who have known beloved Walt Kendall, grace-junkie pastor of 56, who died yesterday of cancer, the worship/memorial service will be live streamed at the link below.    From Westminster Presybterian Church, Sumter SC. Live Stream –WeakDave, who is thrilled to be able to attend from far-off Philly, through cyberspace, cuz he […]

I’m bored with Jesus,

whenever I have high ownership for my relationships, ministry, favorite sports teams, my next used car/motorcycle I’ll purchase, my health, my investments.  And because folks have been praying for more Jesus-dependency in my life, I’m finding it easier to spot the cancer of independency/shepherdness that leads to high ownership of areas of idolatry that are […]

Do I have a contagious love for Jesus?

That causes other believers and pre-believers around me, to want what I have, because He’s so awesome that nothing else hardly matters to me?  So I have an other-worldly humility, and an other-worldly love for others, especially those whose values are opposite of mine?  So I operate in out-of-character-for-Dave kinda ways?  Self-forgetting/uninhibited? Or is my […]