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It feels like I’m alone,

a lot of the time, because the world, flesh, devil want me feeling alone, that it’s up to me to make my life work, leaning on my own understanding, being wise in my own eyes, as I attempt to engineer happiness for myself and others, solve the problems before me, make decisions, captain my soul, […]

Following Jesus is impossible,

but it’s possible to try and follow His principles/teaching. There’s a vast, night-and-day difference between following Jesus, and trying to follow His principles. All earnest Christians I know, myself included, work hard at following His principles. And some nonChristians I know, really like some of His principles and try to follow them. But neither Christian […]

When most things in life are going my way,

…I’m rarely wowed by Jesus.   Maaaybe grateful to Him for the “blessings” I’m experiencing, because He appears to be enabling my agenda.  But it’s all about me.  Pulling the strings in my life according to plan.  With His help, of course. But when nothing seems to be going my way, I’m much more likely to recognize […]

“Dave, your posts shout self-contempt.”

I understand why some feel that.  So lemme splain.   Years ago, I was filled with self-contempt, did not handle failure well, did not extend grace to myself, but was blind to all this.   But in 1984 Janet and I went through World Harvest’s Sonship Course, and God used it to begin to change our lives.  […]

The biggest lie I believe,

in my less-sane moments, is that I know what’s best, for me, and those I love.  Without this confidence, it would be impossible for me to be the agendified, control-freak perfectionist I am, impossible for me to be intense, hurried, worried, frustrated, or discouraged. New blog address: dumbsheepdave.com Jesus came to rescue me from myself, […]

I worship human accomplishment.

Others’ accomplishment.  My accomplishment.   I unwittingly worship/adore/revere that which wows me.   I’m wowed by excellence in human endeavor.  That is, when I’m ShepherdDave, leaning on my own understanding, wise in my own eyes, so I can captain my soul, master my fate.   Flagrant independence.   I’m not braggin, but confessin. Observing the excellence of others, strokes […]

Waiter murders two, then changed by Jesus.

Brian Phillips is a young missionary hubby I mentor, who’s headed to Spain.  Your faith will be nurtured by reading below, these excerpts of his prayer update last week.  And if you’re looking for a new missionary family to support, check out their blog. http://briankassie.com –WeakDave, trying to promote more non-Christian fellowship To read past email […]

I’m not wowed by Jesus,

unless I’ve been freshly convicted of my sin, and typically, my sin of independence/shepherdness/self-confidence/orphan-ness/self-reliance.   And I find that others aren’t wowed by the Jesus in me, if I’m not freshly wowed by Jesus, and His salvation of me, His righteousness imputed to me.   Especially pre-believers. Fixing my eyes and thoughts on Jesus doesn’t seem to […]