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How to get more amazing grace.

Grace flows downhill to the lowly/needy who know they are needy: sinners/failures/losers who know they are sinners/failures/losers.  Not uphill to the strong/confident/superior.  But this grace is impossible for us mortals to orchestrate. So how can I get more grace?  Ask Him, and if it helps you believe, claim the promise of Luke 11, that if […]

Having self-awareness and self-acceptance,

doesn’t mean I’m emotionally and spiritually healthy; it means I know who I am, and accept/enjoy all of me, including my emotional and spiritual dysfunction, just as Jesus accepts/enjoys me, dysfunction and all.  What keeps me from self-awareness and self-acceptance?  Pride.  –ProudDave, needing prayer for fresh conviction of sin so he’s HumbleDave, not needing any […]

“I’m no loser, but a winner.”

These six words have defined me my whole life, since high school, when for the first time in my life I got some real encouragement in the direction of somebodiness, and it felt so good it has driven me like nothing else would have driven me.  And explains so much of who I am and […]

When the Jesus in me is contagious,

I have this curiosity and expectancy about what He will do in the next minutes, hours — in me, in others, in my circumstances.   And I’m surprisingly thankful about everything, including the hard.  And whatever I face is not my problem, not my job to fix: Jesus’ problem and Jesus’ job.  Ahhh, tis so sweet […]

What philosophy appeals to me?

One where the people who espouse the philosophy/religion/theology, love me and others unconditionally, just as we are, whether or not we agree with their philosophy, follow their philosophy.  Not necessarily the philosophy that makes the most sense, intellectually, or scientifically, but the one where the people following the philosophy, love the best.   Are the most […]

The height of presumption,

is being intense/agendified about anything.  My will be done.   I know what’s best for me and those I love.  God bless my agenda.  This created-dependent knows: confident/willful/proud/evil/wicked/presumptuous.  Only the presumptuous judge others around us, as to worthiness or unworthiness, winner or loser or mediocre.  Why?  To feel superior to losers and worship winnners.  The humble enjoy everyone. –IndependentDave, needing prayer for fresh conviction […]

A fool is confident,

he can help others find happiness in this life.   A fool is confident he can engineer happiness for himself, even though he’s pathetically confused about it all, and doesn’t realize it.   Only a dependent asks Jesus for help in helping others find happiness.   Only a dependent ask Jesus about everything in his own life.   Fools […]

I’m pathetically in love,

with the values of this world: feeling good about myself through strength, good taste, achievement, efficiency, savvy, reputation, superiority, somebodiness, great decisions.   For a cherished, adopted child of the Most High God to be so enamored with such meaningless values in the eyes of Solomon, is pathetic.   But that’s what I am in my less-sane […]