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If you’re going through extreme suffering

you can either wallow in self-pity, or you can live in denial of the suffering with a positive mental attitude, focusing on the positives, ignoring the negatives.  OR.  You can THANK Jesus for the extreme suffering.  My flesh likes either self-pity or denial, but my flesh knows NOTHing about delivering happiness to Dave.  Jesus uses […]

This is only for Christians in rugged circumstances.

I feel ENTITLED to easier when I have fresh suffering on top of extended suffering.  Unless.  I’m freshly convicted by Jesus’ Spirit of being confident-I-know-what’s-best, wise in my own eyes, leaning on my own understanding.  Then, it’s, “Give me whatever is best, Jesus.  Don’t give me the easy my flesh demands.  I believe a little […]

Jesus is Lord of the Waves.

And when we take our eyes off Him, and look at the waves, we momentarily lose two huge benefits of Jesus in this life —  joy and peace.  He lovingly controls the waves of our lives — the circumstances we face each day, in such a way that we sometimes get fearful, or frustrated, or […]

Physical pain is a channel of grace,

but only for humble Christians — those experiencing sovereignty-awareness, thankful for everything just as it is, including the suffering of pain, believing that suffering produces perseverance, then character, then hope/faith/dependency.  Jesus USES pain to woo us back to Himself from functioning as atheists.  Impossible to be thankful for suffering unless freshly convicted of being wise […]

Is a Philly-upset-win in game 7

in Toronto, the best thing?  For the Sixers team and owners?  For Philly fans?  For Dave? I dunno.  But the Sixers know, and Philly fans know, and Dave’sFlesh knows.  In professional sports, and in life, winning is everything.  But what’s the BEST thing?  Depends on what Jesus’ genius plan is, for the team, the fans, […]

The happiest Christians,

are thank-ers about evathang, because they’re content to be clueless-about-what’s-best, dunno what’s thankable and what’s not, trusting their SovereignShepherdJesus to know, and trust that He’s behind everyone and everything, so they can relax and enjoy the ride.  No frustration, discouragement, anxiety.  Problem is, this happiness doesn’t last long, and depends on the convicting work of […]

Great example of a GospelFriendship.

I mentor a number of CEO’s of nonprofit ministries.  For the past several years I’ve been mentoring Pete and Wendy Hileman, as the three of us go through the suffering together of Wendy’s Parkinson’s, and as Pete has been leading one of my favoritest ministries, to the poor in Philly.  Below is his latest update […]

I feel good about myself after I watch a movie.

Whether I like it or not.  Whyzat?  I think I’m addicted to analyzing, critiquing, judging, and I do that with every movie I watch.  Thumbs up, or down.  I agree or disagree with the IMDB rating, and by however many points.  It’s God-like.  Heady thing to sit in judgment over everything and everyone.  So when […]