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GospelFriendships Financial Update

We finished 2018 $3400 in the red, so I’m asking the Board to reduce my salary from $30,000 to $26,500.  Always good for me to be reminded that this is Jesus’ ministry, not Dave’s.  And that He’s never failed to provide for Janet and me.  Helps me to THANK Him for His genius plan, which […]

Little joy, little conviction of sin.

For those Christians who think I talk TOO much about sin, who don’t like hearing so much about sin because they already SEE their sin everywhere and it’s depressing, I suggest that it’s only depressing IF a Christian is unsatisfied with Jesus and His imputed worthiness.  Anytime you find yourself with little joy, you need […]

“Jesus, if you REALLY loved me,

you would give me MUCH-easier circumstances.”  YES, YES, YES!  Dave’sFlesh is convinced of this, cuz Dave’sFlesh is confident-it-knows-best, knows-what’ll-make-Dave-happiest.  Dave’sFlesh knows NOTHing about delivering happiness.  So Jesus loves me wonderfully when He opens my eyes so I’m disillusioned with my flesh’s view of reality.  Scripture’s take on reality explains the pathway to happiness, peace, sanity […]

Aliens feel uncomfortable in this world,

while worldlies feel right at home.  Aliens are Jesus-dependents, embracing a Kingdom that’s not of this world.  Just because one professes to be a Christian, does not mean we are a Jesus-dependent/alien.  Aliens are dependent on Jesus, do NOTHing on their own, are not wise in their own eyes, do not lean on their own […]

If you’ve experienced big failure,

in life or in ministry, or both, that’s the very-best thing that could have happened to you.  WHAT?  That’s right.  Your flesh is very confident-it-knows-what’ll-make-you-happiest, but your flesh knows NOTHing about such things.  How many times in your life has your flesh been WRONG?  The genius plan of Jesus gives you opportunity to learn from […]

Impossible to thank Jesus

for the harrrd, the suffering, the “negative”, in my life, when I feel ALONE and in CHARGE.  When I’m confident-I-know-what’s-thankable, and what’s not.  Only when I believe Jesus is totally in charge of me, and totally loving me, when I’m curious and expectant to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances, can I […]

Improvement is a Curse.

Improvement involves being better, doing better, living better, having better, looking better, feeling better, thinking better, loving better, vacationing better.  Improvement is addiction, where contentment is bliss, freedom.  Jesus is ENOUGH for the contented.  He is NOT enough for the improvement addict.  Adam and Eve were content — before they became addicted to improvement, independence, […]

Easier life = happier life?

My flesh thinks so.  And it’s persuasive.  Though thoroughly deceived.  I only believe the lie when I feel ALONE and in CHARGE of my life.  When I don’t believe Jesus is totally in charge of every detail of my life.  When I’m envious of the easier lives around me. How many times in my 76 […]