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How can I tell when

I’m Jesus-dependent? (curious/expectant to see what Jesus does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances)  When I’m all alone and SMILING.  Litmus-paper test.  I never smile when I’m all alone and feeling in charge of my life — UP TO DAVE.   I’m focused, intense, agendafied.  So now that the Spirit has opened my eyes to see this […]

I’m uncomfortable in the public-prophet role.

I love to encourage others, not accuse them of being even worse than they previously imagined.  I mean, I like ANY impact in ministry, because it makes Dave’sFlesh feel worthy, but encouragement is so-much-more fun for me than accusation.  I am much-more comfortable as the chief confessor, than as the chief accuser.  Unless.  I’m mentoring […]

I only have automotive-contentment

when I’m clueless-I-know-what’s-best, what’ll-make-me-happIER.  On the other hand, when I’m CONFIDENT-I-know-what’s-best, I’m always thinking, wondering, how I can IMPROVE my automotive experience, even a little.  I have tried and tried and tried, but I have been unable to figgerout how to improve my car situation.  When I momentarily give up trying, I’m momentarily content.  But […]

When I’m reminded that Jesus is in charge,

then I don’t have to be.  Ahhh.  But when I forget His total sovereignty over the details of my day, I feel PRESSURE to try and control my circumstances and my reactions to them.  But then, when I’m reminded of Him and His total sovereign reign over all, I begin to relax and enjoy everyone […]

So WHAT, if the Eagles

and the Sooners have great football teams this year?  So WHAT that Washington DC is so dysfunctional?  So WHAT that the world is so dysfunctional?  So WHAT that humans accomplished so many impressive things in 2017?  So WHAT?  So WHAT brings sanity, peace, to my soul, as I’m reminded of what’s what, and what’s not […]

Only the proud are clueless-avoidant,

weakness-avoidant, suffering-avoidant, because only the proud are confident-we-know-what’s-best.  Clueful.  Only the proud/clueful get fearful, frustrated, discouraged.  Since The Fall we wanna KNOW, UNDERSTAND, and we HATE suffering, HATE losing, HATE being clueless, weak, pitied.  Only the proud are control freaks, perfectionists, hyper-conscientious, because we’re confident-we-know-what’s-best.  Only the proud analyze, critique, judge. — CluefulDave, except when […]

Now, my biggest goal in life

is to be clueless.  Clueless-I-know-what’s-best.   Whyzat?   Because only the clueless-he-knows-what’s-best is content, peaceful, happy.  Impossible to be content, peaceful, happy, unless one is clueless-they-know-what’s-best.  Only the proud/confident-we-know-what’s-best are discontent, tense, suppressing our misery, want MORE than what we have, wannabe BETTER at what we do, because our lives are all about US, not Jesus. I’ve […]

This has been soooo helpful to me

since last April, when I first posted it, that I’m reposting it.    🙂   The so-what theology of the Christian life has been amazingly helpful to me lately.  Huh?  Here’s how it works.  When I notice one of my idols distracting me from fixing my eyes and thoughts on Jesus, I say to myself, […]