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The emotionally-unhealthy believer needs

three things to have the kind of humility and love, that is compelling to seculars.  1) a deep foundation of Gospel-awareness in daily thought and deed, 2) significant longterm growth in self-awareness, 3) constant reminders throughout the day, of the sovereignty of God.  There are no emotionally-healthy believers in my view, but there are many […]

Jesus is not ENOUGH for me

in my less-sane moments, when my flesh reigns supreme, and I want MORE than what I have in Jesus.  He and His imputed worthiness are UNsatisfying to me.  I wannabe BETTER than I am.  BETTER Christian.  BETTER evangelist.  BETTER faith.  BETTER dependency on Jesus.  BETTER at being gracious to everyone — inside my head, where […]

Every humble person is a pacifist,

but not every pacifist is a humble person.  No humble person ridicules, wants others to lose, gets in a fight, wages war, needs to feel superior, has a competitive spirit.  Every humble person enjoys others, just as they are, and himself, just as s/he is, not just externally, but also internally, where no one can […]

The problem with news reports

is their atheistic perspective.  Nobody reports the news with a Jesus-centered perspective, or even a God-centered perspective.  This doesn’t bother followers of Jesus because we are so USED to looking at our daily lives from an atheistic perspective — UP TO ME.  And we’re so used to FUNCTIONING as atheists as we go through our […]

One of my big besetting sins

is feeling alone, though I’m typically unaware of it.  Living as though Jesus is not totally sovereign over my life, so I NEED TO BE, so I’m NOT curious and expectant to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances, but feel like the challenges I face are UP TO DAVE, that I’m MY […]

No wonder democracy doesn’t work anymore.

Democracy doesn’t work without humility and love.  Otherwise, a nation will experience the present civil-war conditions of the USA, where self-righteousness/hatred/ridicule abound on both sides of the left-right divide, as well as with libertarians.  Democracy no longer works without an authentic graciousness rooted in humility and love.  Not merely an external graciousness, but also an […]

Impossible to be circumstance-dependent

for my joy and peace, unless I’m wise in my own eyes, leaning on my own understanding, confident-I-know-what’s-best.  Only the Jesus-dependent — the clueless-I-know-what’s-best, experience the peace that passes understanding.  Life is unnecessarily intense/stressful for the confident-I-know-what’s-best addict, consumed with his/her own worthiness by judging others in order to compete with them, obsessing over human […]

I believe Jesus raised this man up

for such a time as this, to show us what it looks like to love enemies.  https://familyshare.com/28477/black-man-befriends-members-of-the-kkk-by-asking-them-one-simple-question —Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships To receive my Tuesday posts, email me, or subscribe to my blog: dumbsheepdave.com