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The purpose of CONFESSion is not

to get ChristianDave freshly right with God, but it’s to clear my conscience, give me the other-worldly peace that is vastly superior to the kind of peace experienced by human-wisdom-reliants, whether Christian or nonChristian.  DaddyJesusSpirit could not possibly love me more than He does, because of Jesus and His imputed worthiness.   His unconditional love for me […]

Waiting on the Lord seems WRONG

to my human-wisdom, and the human-wisdom of others.  Being responsible, taking charge, being an activist, seems RIGHT to my human-wisdom.  Waiting on the Lord seems too PASSIVE, while taking charge seems ACTIVE, RIGHT, to my human-wisdom.  Jesus-dependency seems WRONG, while Dave-dependency seems RIGHT, to my human-wisdom.  The Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus seems WRONG to my […]

Thank You, Jesus, that I dunno what to do,

about _______ and about ______.  My human-wisdom HATES me not knowing, feels like I OUGHTA know, like I’m ALONE and in CHARGE of my life.  I don’t feel good about myself when I dunno.  Seems WRONG to not know.  I suspect I suppress feelings of being a failure.  My human-wisdom LOVES when I KNOW what […]

I’m not alone!

And not in charge!  WOOOHOOOO!  Resurrected Jesus is living His life through me, and He’s in charge.  So I can relax, and be curious/expectant to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances.  Jesus is behind everyone and everything.  This is the reality according to Scripture.  The broadcast news, online news, print news, have […]

Frugality is next to godliness,

but only for spendthrifts.   For us frugal types, paying LIST PRICE is next to godliness — what repentance looks like for us, because we get so much artificial LIFE — fake worthiness, human-wisdom-worthiness, from a good deal, instead of being content with Jesus and His imputed worthiness.  Excruciatingly painful for us frugal types to pay […]

Whenever I feel pressure,

that’s my human-wisdom influencing me.  Whenever I feel peace that makes no sense for my stressful circumstances, that’s my Jesus and His Spirit at work in me — no agenda of my own, curious and expectant to see what He does NEXT in me, others, circumstances.  Observer — not a competitor/judge, enjoying everyone just as […]

If I had MY way,

the way of my human-wisdom, I’d run things way differently than Jesus is running things.  My life would be way easier, and so would everyone else’s.  No suffering/harrrd.  My human-wisdom does NOT like Jesus’ genius plan.  My human-wisdom doesn’t CARE that suffering produces perseverance, then character, then hope/faith/Jesus-dependency.  My human-wisdom HATES me trusting Jesus and […]

Jesus only seems Lord of my life when

I have no agenda of my own — except being curious and expectant to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances.  When I have no agenda of my own I dunno what’s best for me or others, and I’m just an observer without judgment or agenda, instead of a performer, prove-er, competitor.  Having […]