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When I worry about our adult kids

and their income, or our OWN income, in the midst of this pandemic, I might as well be accusing Jesus of not knowing what He’s doing in their lives, or ours, of Him not having a genius plan for each of us that He’s right now executing, of Him being untrustworthy in the process.  Oh […]

The problem with being wise,

n the eyes of others, is that we become wise in our own eyes, and lean on our own understanding.  This is NOT biblical-wisdom, but human-wisdom.  Biblical-wisdom is realizing that we have NO wisdom worth leaning on, but that Jesus DOES.  We do NOT know what’s best, but Jesus DOES.  Biblical-wisdom is sanity/faith/dependency/humility and results […]

What is MY responsibility to God?

To obey.  Perfectly.  When I fail?  CONFESS.  Only the fool imagines him/herself ABLE to obey.  Well, unless the fool so dumbs down the law/sin to outside-the-cup stuff that’s easy to obey superficially, so s/he imagines acceptable obedience.  No such thing as acceptable obedience.  Perfect.  Or failure.  All have failed, and all Christians continue to fail.  […]

The Gospel oughtabe ENOUGH

for us Christians, but it’s not.  The Gospel oughta set us Christians FREE to live and love with reckless abandon, but it doesn’t.  Look around you.  Do you see Christians who are seed cast on fertile soil that reproduce a hundredfold, even thirtyfold, even a few?  Are we Christians contagious to the seculars around us?  […]

The silver lining of feeling lousy.

I need Jesus more.  I don’t seem to need Jesus nearly as much when I feel great.  I don’t have the luxury of INdependency — of ignoring Jesus, when I feel lousy.  Or, I CAN ignore Him, but I’m utterly miserable, because any difficulty feels overwhelming, so life is unbearably harrrd.  I just wanna go […]

All Christians are losers.

NONE of us are really satisfied with Jesus and His imputed worthiness.  Our human-wisdom is lord of our lives, not Jesus.  Our human-wisdom constantly pressures us to be WINNERS and HATES us being losers.  Our human-wisdom dominates our thoughts, feelings, reactions as we go through our day, EXCEPT when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes […]

The Body of Jesus in Pittsburgh..

…coming together this past Easter Sunday.  Wow. What started out as a crazy idea, turned into a powerful worship moment in their city.  In less than two weeks, nearly thirty churches unified to sing a blessing over the city of Pittsburgh.  This video was revealed during many of the Easter online services in churches across the city […]

So WHAT that I failed?

So WHAT that I’m disappointed with myself?  “So WHAT?” is a rebuke to my human-wisdom-reliance — to my pride.  A humble believer is unbothered by failure, humiliation, disappointing circumstances, because a humble believer doesn’t know-what’s-best and trusts that Jesus DOES, and that Jesus is in charge.  To be bummed by my failure or by my […]