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When I’m not a happy camper,

I’m ALWAYS focused on the waves of my circumstances, instead of Jesus.  The secondary things in my life have become primary, and the PrimaryThing has become secondary.  Whyzat?  Human-wisdom-reliance — my human-wisdom and the human-wisdom of others, especially experts.  I’ve been snookered into believing a lie — that my life is UP TO DAVE, so […]

The problem with self-awareness,

is that the more you have of it, the less you’re able to handle the pressures of daily life, by yourself, without Jesus.  So you’re better off living in denial of what’s going on inside, if you want to live like most Christians live — as INdependents, weight of the world on your shoulders, UP […]

Nothing you desire compares with

Jesus-dependency — the Lordship of Jesus in the details of your daily life, as contrasted with human-wisdom-dependency, where you are wise in your own eyes, leaning on your own understanding, circumstance-dependent for your joy and peace, uncurious and unexpectant about what Jesus does NEXT, in you, others, circumstances.  When you are human-wisdom-dependent as a Christian, […]

Why do I wannabe a model Christian?

Humble, contented, at peace, with contagious love?  Because Jesus and His imputed worthiness are UNsatisfying to me — to my human-wisdom, which is responsible for the dark side of my motivation for holiness.  It seems so noble to wannabe a model Christian.  One of the good guys.  A winner, not a [shudder] loser.  That’s my […]

When I obsess over purchasing

decisions, or any decisions, or any situation, I NEVER have sovereignty-awareness, so I am NEVER curious/expectant to see what Jesus does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances, so I have NOT the benefit of Jesus in this life — I feel ALONE and in CHARGE.  My life is UP TO DAVE.  Just like any atheist.   I […]

When you face rugged, brutal circumstances,

you don’t have the luxury of a healthy devotional life — you need extraordinary devotional life.  If the total sovereignty of Jesus is not central to your devotional life, to your experience as you go through your day, you will be angry, or living in denial, or hopelessly depressed — the least challenges will feel […]

A go-fer receives enlightenment

about the Boss’ plan, on a need-to-know timetable.  The human-wisdom of a go-fer HATES trusting the Boss, wants to know what’s ahead, and HATES being a go-fer.  The happiest go-fers follow the Boss, are content with not knowing, because they realize they aren’t paid to think, but just follow directions from the Boss on a […]

My biggest need is not a plan,

but a Savior.  I don’t have a one-year plan, or a five-year plan.  JESUS is my plan.  Being curious/expectant to see what He does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances, is DAVE’S biggest need.  All my life I’ve had plans, and what good have they done me?  They made me a control-freak perfectionist, obsessing over the […]