Aliens feel uncomfortable in this world,

while worldlies feel right at home.  Aliens are Jesus-dependents, embracing a Kingdom that’s not of this world.  Just because one professes to be a Christian, does not mean we are a Jesus-dependent/alien.  Aliens are dependent on Jesus, do NOTHing on their own, are not wise in their own eyes, do not lean on their own understanding, and therefore are clueless-they-know-what’s-best, exuding a peace that surpasses understanding.  And they love worldies and enemies and other aliens, just as they are.  Humble, not proud.  Contented.  The heart of a worldly goes out to an alien, a humble Christian.  Aliens are easy to love.

Worldies on the other hand, are confident-we-know-what’s-best, competitive, strongly opinionated, excel at secretly analyzing, critiquing, judging, everyone and everything.  Hardly any difference between a worldly Christian and a worldly nonChristian.  Huge difference between a worldly and an alien.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, King of worldlies, except when he’s been freshly convicted of the sin of INdependence/worldliness/pride

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