A go-fer receives enlightenment

about the Boss’ plan, on a need-to-know timetable.  The human-wisdom of a go-fer HATES trusting the Boss, wants to know what’s ahead, and HATES being a go-fer.  The happiest go-fers follow the Boss, are content with not knowing, because they realize they aren’t paid to think, but just follow directions from the Boss on a need-to-know basis.  The happiest go-fers are the humble ones, thankful to have a job, be lovingly-cared-for by the Boss.  The happiest go-fers are content for all glory/credit to go to the Boss, no need for any of their own.

The unhappiest go-fers wannabe boss of their own lives, captain of their souls, master of their fate.  Willful, entitled, agendafied, self-absorbed.  And unfruitful with seculars.

So what can we go-fers do when we realize we HATE not knowing, HATE being lowly go-fers?  CONFESS our pride, our unbelief in the genius plan of the Boss.  Ahhh.  Nicest, kindest thing the Boss ever does for us go-fers is to freshly open our eyes to see the problem.   

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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  1. Aaron Plunkett
    Aaron Plunkett says:

    Man, this resonates with me – I just sent you an email about similar stuff! Confess, confess, confess… beautiful; but how to wait? What to do in waiting, but wait? How to wait with expectancy? Many things.


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